Karen A Bowen

Removing Obstacles to Your Success

Now available on Amazon or a signed copy from me, One Conscious Choice: Karma or Grace, the Power to Transform Your Life, Relationships and Make a Difference in the World. Reveals a simple yet profound new way to view your life, understand your choices, relationships, how life works, what keeps you repeating old patterns and your innate power to create transformation.

We all have had those moments in life where one choice changes the tone and direction of our journey. But, what if we could know that our choices are leading us in the right direction? What if we could know we were headed towards a life of joy and contentment, where success and fulfillment are natural?

The reader is introduced to the refreshing realization that only two paths of relating to life and each other are possible. One path guarantees pain, suffering and a life of mediocrity while the other inevitably leads to accomplishing extraordinary relationships, true success, joy and your heart's desire. ​One Conscious Choice, offers both a psychological and spiritual explanation of these two models of behavior with practical methods of moving out of the pain and suffering side of life. A series of stories are interspersed throughout the text revealing individuals who have actually made life-enhancing changes. Contact me for a signed copy for $14.50 which includes shipping.

What if there is only one perfect mate for you? What if that person is searching and waiting for you? What if your life won't be complete, or your destiny fulfilled, until you meet your True Love?
Maybe we aren't supposed to accept mediocrity. Maybe each and every one of us has a Divine Purpose, a Holy and special reason for coming to this earth. Maybe unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and illness come to us when we are not being true to ourselves. . . when we are not living our lives in the highest and best way possible.
I believe being with your perfect mate is part of this higher life. I believe this is why so many of us go through more than one marriage or relationship — why we are always looking for the part we feel is missing.
If you have a desire to find your perfect mate...a person who loves you just as much as you love him or her...a person you can share with and grow with...a person you feel safe and at-home with...these pages contain the keys for attracting that individual into your life. 

Welcome to Meeting Your Match.You are about to begin a journey that will change your life for the better... and forever.

A signed copy is available from me for $11.00 and on Amazon in Kindle or paperback.

If you have been tormented with the decision of whether or not to euthanize your pet; or, if you ever lost a pet and felt overwhelmed with grief, remorse of what you could have done differently, or if you just want to understand the relationship we have on a soul level with our pets, this book helps answer some of your questions. These true life stories demonstrate that once we have a heart-to-heart connection with an animal, their soul remembers our soul. The book provides a glimpse into the ease of death and rebirth of our pets, shows how our pet’s unconditional love lives on, and demonstrates how intuition can be used to find our pet after its new birth. Death is easy for our pets who drop their bodies and pick up new ones like we discard clothes that are old and of no use. They show us that our bodies may be like annual flowers and appear only once, but our souls are perennial.

This book contains color photos of some of the animals included in the stories.

Available on Amazon as a Kindle book for $4.98 or a paperback for $12.98 plus shipping and tax. Or get an autographed copy for $12.00 by contacting us.