Removing Obstacles to Your Success

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Karen A Bowen

Hi Karen! Amazing what 24 hours does for one's mind, body, spirit after spending time with Y O U! I slept better and have approached the day in a better way!  Read this email at least 5 times, then also found my old notes!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! C.T.

I wanted you to know that your work with me yielded immediate results. I have so much more confidence in my role as a mother. It is much appreciated, J​

I feel like a new person this morning. Thank you so much, G

I realized that I can switch from feeling bad to good, I have that power. What a blessing, G. C.

With your help I understand why my son and I had problems. I was preparing the path for my son instead of preparing my son for the path.

You helped me to see the bigger picture of what was really going on. I grabbed onto the concept that we are always being tested. I live that today, looking for my tests in every situation. And, heaven knows, you reminded me of my Source and that I am a channel, not the Creator.

Hi Karen, all I can say is wow! What a powerful and wonderful experience. Thank you! D.M.

You have helped me in my darkest hours, when suicide was a serious thought for me, when I contemplated a jump from a high building and realized I mattered more to my children alive than dead. I know your teaching have helped me become a better father, better brother, better boss, better friend, and better in relationships.  Your work has caused me to experience myself in authentic ways and to accept what a precious person I really am, a unicorn of sorts, self-love. Your work with my sons has been turning points in our lives. My life has been better because you are in it and I have overcome real trials and tribulations because of your help. I sincerely do not know where I would be without your help. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.  J.S.

Just had to let you know what a fabulous session I had with you. Like I said much has been happening since I saw you. I will see you again. You are incredible my dear and I am so blessed to have had a session with you. S.N.

It amazes me how much I could just open my mind and my heart to a positive way of thinking and manifest a positive outcome! Thank you for helping me become aware of this! With love, S.A.S.

Again today you came to mind during an exercise where others had to tell you what they appreciate about you. From people I barely knew I was told they appreciate me for my soulfulness and by many "you have great intuition". These are things I might have never learned if not for you. L.Z.

Congratulations Karen.  This is Awe-some and Awe-Inspiring. Thank you for providing a focus for the good that is going on in the world and helping so many to see we Are progressing in Our Human Family. You deserve praise and gratitude for the most impactful part you are playing! P.A.

 I am also grateful for the opportunity of being able to attend your Authentic Relationship class. It was more than I expected. It is as though I have been lost for many years and just maybe I have found my way "home." My Spirit has been very burdened with fear, shame and guilt. I would like to be free of this and be able to step out into the world and truly experience life. I want to live the way of the Authentic Relationship Triangle. I feel both frightened and hopeful. I thank you for sharing your story. It showed me a different path. I did not mean to blurt out the things that I did. It must have been time for me to share that part of my life. Much of what Dr. G has been trying to teach me seems so much clearer now. I will do my best to just take one step at a time and to live in the moment.M.C.

Thanks for having me. The things you talked about are exactly what I need to figure out. I feel like I need to do a lot of work on figuring out how to show up in relationships. Or perhaps I need to do a better job of selecting women to date. I'm not really sure what it is I need to do. I know that I want to share my life with someone compatible and not just the next girl who shows interest. It's not always easy being open and honest and I think that's where I make mistakes. And when I say it's not easy, I mean it's not easy to be open and honest with MYSELF about who I choose to spend time with. M.Q.

Good morning!  I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the class.  I took away something deeper this time. Hearing the information again, and providing new insights has helped me to take new steps, to step out,  further from the drama that was hiding under the surface. Your advice and direction are so important to us all!! Thank you again! J.S.

Karen, got the book today. Thank you so much. I'm sure it comes as no surprise, that since our time together, I have shared many things I learned from our sessions. So many people that I have crossed paths with end up asking questions that relate to spirituality and enlightenment. So, I am thinking now too, your book would be a added value in helping them. C.M.

Hi Karen,  Yesterday, I asked my Higher Self how many would be attending my Message Night.  Storms were predicted and a couple people had cancelled.  So i asked and wanted to see how many would show up.  Higher Self showed me 3 and where they would be sitting.   3 showed up and sat in the chairs as Higher Self showed me.  I have been connecting to my Higher Self more and more but since your class, with Clarity, I am amazed. Sometimes before a scheduled reading for someone, information comes in, on the topics they want to discuss.  Absolutely accurate. Much Love, G.

"After your relationship class, I feel like a completely different person in my relationship with R and therefore myself!  I guess something finally clicked and I have found myself extremely conscious in 'breakdown' situations and if I can't sort it out at that moment, I bless it, get away from it, if possible, and breathe and choose to stay out of the black hole power triangle!  It has completely transformed my well being, especially in relating to R!! Aaaw sigh of relief!  Funny, because it has opened up that real space to really look inward!  Ha! There is definitely healing happening, and it's not always pleasant honestly!  However, it is such a relief to know it's me and I have all the power within me to enlighten and free myself!  And its ok to get some assistance from people that support me knowing my higher self!
Thank you for your exuberant willingness to share your own life-experience and assist us other seekers of True Joy!

 When I start in my head to blame another person for how I am starting to feel badly, I just think of those wide open woo-woo wands and remember, no matter how hard the other person was directing their negativity, I could keep those babies wide open! Just one conscious thought of that, keeps me from an onslaught of self-induced misery! I love you, and I am forever grateful to be 'floating' here on earth at the same time as you are! I love you, and I just feel so very blessed to have you in my life!" Love,  Z.W.

"This was perfect for myself. I know that this 'cycle' was present in my life but I wasn't exactly sure how to identify it." R.K.

Thank you so much for the response letter. It really lifted my day! I truly enjoyed and learned a lot from your class. Thing are starting to "click" after hearing you speak. Thank you for having the courage to do what you do. It's inspiring! V.M.

 And yes please let me know when your next level class is, please! I'll mark it on my work calendar as soon as you do. Thank you! Have a great day "This was my 3rd time taking this seminar. I learn something new each time. Helping someone is not the same as rescuing." E.O.

"It's wonderful to be aware of our consciousness. Just to know that each interaction is an opportunity to stop and choose the course we need to take ." L.W.

"I thought the simplicity but complexity of the triangles was a fitting illustration of the ongoing struggle to find our authentic selves in the context of life situations." L.Y.C.

Hi Karen, I took away so much from your class, I was able to connect my life, good and bad to everything you were saying., and it made sense. I would definitely be interested in follow-up classes.
My new motto on my office wall is: “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got”. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom.DF

For what it's worth, this was the best $35.00 and 3 hours I have invested in a long, long time. For me, it finally concretized some of the issues I have been studying, reading about, talking about and working on for...well, forever.

This was a golden workshop. You were describing very difficult concepts in a very easy way to understand. D.G.

I have been to counselor's many, many times in my life, but I have not received the information you have given me today, it is so to the point. This information has resonated with me in many ways and I now know this is what I needed to hear. I wish I would of met you 20 years ago, my life would be very different today. N.M.

Thank you for the class on the Authentic Relationship Triangle. I could never understand how being a rescuer was hurting others until you stepped into my space. I don't know if you realize what you had done but you changed my life at that moment. I had a clear understanding of how by no intent or malice I was hurting the people I care about. You not only helped me to understand the damage but you also gave me the tools to change. C.E.

Thank you so much for having the PSYCH-K Class. So far I have changed a few of my old patterns already. Thank you from the bottom of my subconscious, J

I was still in process when you asked me if the course helped me. Absolutely! You are a wonderful teacher with great storytelling to bring the concepts to life. See you again. V.C.

Thank you for taking the life experiences you had and turning them to a positive and sharing them in this helpful class. W.S.

I have taken a few of your classes and this one is at a totally different level. I had quite a few Ah-Ha's today. P.B.

Thank you for an enjoyable and enlightening class. I especially enjoyed the real life examples. It helped me to relate. A.L.

I really enjoyed Sunday's class. It hit all the points in my life I am working on. I really needed that. S.A.

Your class was outstanding. G.C.