Karen A Bowen

I am amazed at the transformations I am privileged to witness in individuals willing to uncover and change limiting beliefs.


About Karen

Removing Obstacles to Your Success

After healing my own heart disease by lifestyle changes, I left management at a Fortune 100 Company and turned my attention to alternative healing methods. My holistic approach combines a background in science, PSYCH-K, Radical Forgiveness, Esoteric Healing, nutrition, Kriya Yoga and meditation, as well as, years of New Thought study and practice.

My Mission is to remind each person of their power of creation and to assist them in removing whatever obstacles block their path to fulfilling their heart's desire.

I believe each and everyone of us has been gifted with talents and abilities uniquely our own. And, part of our life purpose is to uncover those talents and abilities, develop them and then use them for the common good.